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To be the leading financial company in the region in adopting the latest technologies ...

To offer a suite of technology-enabled payment solutions through our secure, integrated, Omni-channel technology ...

CSC offers a suite of the latest technologies in electronic payments, offering banks and financial institutions the added value of a developed ...

Services & Solutions

ATM Driving And Management

Point Of Sale Acquiring

Ecommerce (CSC Digital Gate)

Merchant Added Value Services

Card Printing

Card Issuing And Management

Transaction Processing

Issuer Added Value Services

About CSC

WHY CSC-Jordan

CSC is the leading Financial Company in Jordan. CSC works hand-in-hand with a local expertise, to elevate and to raise our financial services to the highest level.
By joining CSC-Jordan, you’ll be working alongside a fantastic mix of talented people from diverse backgrounds.
We’ve worked hard to create a vibrant environment where people love coming to work every day.
Join us and be part of our innovative team to lead the future of financial business.

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28 years of experience

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