Fee schedule for MasterCard Platinum revolving credit cards with a revolving credit limit of 3000 dinars

number Card currency JD
clause value
1 Basic card issuance fees Free
2 The issuance of the card fees Free
3 Annual basic card renewal fee Free
4 Annual supplementary card renewal fee Free
5 Issuing a damaged/lost card replacement fee Free
6 Objection fees for any movement Free
7 PIN Reissue Fee Free
8 Text messaging service Free
9 3D secure service for websites Free
10 Priority Pass card Do not apply
11 Card Management fee JOD 37.5 dinars
12 Card reactivation fee 10 dinars
13 ATM cash withdrawal fees 5 dinars per transaction/ a maximum of 250 dinars for each transaction
14 Fees for cash withdrawals at the counter and/or cash advances 5 dinars per transaction/ a maximum of 250 dinars for each transaction
15 Currency exchange and exchange commission ** 3.50%
16 DCC Merchant . Ratio 3.50%
17 Accounting cycle end date Every 25th of the month
18 Due date 20 days after the start of the accounting cycle
19 Minimum Payment  60 dinars
20 Withdrawal parameters:- value
The number of daily movements / cash withdrawals and purchases 20 moves
Number of transactions within 15 days / cash withdrawals and purchases 50 moves
Daily withdrawal value / cash withdrawal and purchases According to the available balance
Withdrawal value within 15 days / cash withdrawal and purchases 10000 dinars
  • Calculated monthly if there is an utilized balance on the card.
  • Excluding the currencies that international companies charge for each transaction.
  • Restricted if the customer uses the card in a currency other than the currency of the country.
  • With the right of the company and/or the client to amend it.
  1. .25% cash back on local, overseas and internet purchases.
  2. The possibility of issuing a card from other international companies with the same account.
  3. Available repayment rates (5%, 10%, 20%, 30%, 50%).
  4. Do not use this card in prohibited places such as places of liquor or pork, places of gambling or any transactions prohibited by Sharia.
  5. Accepting the card locally and internationally for cash withdrawals, purchases and online.
  6. SMS service is free of charge for all movements and can be sent to two different numbers.
  7. Free SMS service upon closing of the accounting cycle.
  8. The service of sending transactions, the balance of the end of the accounting cycle and the installment due to the personal e-mail.
  9. Card inquiry service through our website www.issuers.com.
  10. 24/7 service on the number on the back of the card (00962 79 683 2222 or 00962 6 500 5222).
  11. Available in Jordanian Dinar.
  12. This card is equipped with the smart chip technology that provides maximum protection against any fraud as it will require entering the PIN code at the merchants to complete the purchase process.
  13. 3D secure online shopping service.
  14. The possibility of obtaining a free card to purchase online (to be charged through your credit card).
  15. The card is issued for a period of 3 years.
  16. The possibility of issuing a supplement card for free.
  17. Free access to the lounges with the “Lounge key” service. This service is available in 27 lounges (the number of visits is unlimited).**
  18. Discounts and discounted trips with Careem up to 20%.**
  19. AVIS car rental discounts.**
  20. Shopping, entertainment, luxury restaurants around the world and exclusive offers on hotels and resorts through the Priceless Arabia app.**
  21. Buy 1 Get 1 Free MasterCard offer by downloading the service’s app.**
  22. Insurance of purchases locally and internationally for a period of 90 days, with a maximum of $2000 for a commodity and annually for $5000.**
  23. Discounts on hotels and flights with Clear trip up to 30%.**
  24. Discounts on premium shipping services from MyUS.**
  25. Exclusive offers in 9 shopping villages in Europe.**
  26. * Subject to the company’s terms and conditions.
  27. ** Subject to MasterCard International guidelines www.mastercard.com/platinum.
Request a new card

Request to obtain a preliminary approval for the Arabi Express Card (Arabex) issued by the Jordan Credit Card Services Company

The Applicant's Personal Information

Husband/wife information

Housing Information for The Applicant

Residential address

Work information for the release applicant

Financial Information For The Applicant (Jordanian Dinar)

I acknowledge, on my full personal responsibility, that I have the following obligations:

Request to obtain a preliminary approval for the Arabi Express Card (Arabex) issued by the Jordan Credit Card Services Company

How did you know about Arabex cards

:اسماء المعرفون

Please provide the following documents to study your application and give you the initial approval. I, the undersigned, pledge to bring the following documents in the original upon approval.

  • Bank statement for the last six months
  • Salary certificate showing date of appointment, monthly salary and job title
  • Social Security Certificate
  • A copy of the personal identity and/or passport and/or family book
  • A copy of the commercial register and professions license for merchants or owners of private companies only
  • A copy of the electricity or telephone bill to prove the customer's address
  • Proof of residence, site fee and/or title deed and/or lease contract


  • The Credit Card Services Company - Jordan has the right to request any additional document it deems necessary to study this application.
  • Submission of this application is not considered an approval from the company to issue the credit card or approval of the ceiling required by the applicant. Rather, approval is issued for the credit card and/or the required ceiling and/or the method of payment and/or the card category after conducting the credit study according to the approved procedures the company has the right to choose and modify the appropriate card type and/or card class and/or method of payment for the applicant, according to the credit study.
  • The Credit Card Services Company - Jordan has the right to reject this request without giving reasons.

I, the undersigned, and based on the request for initial approval submitted, authorize the credit card services company to inquire and exchange any information or data related to the name of the issuer and/or any related parties and/or related to any facilities granted to the issuer in order to study credit risks and And/or in order to prevent fraud and/or track down debtors with any supervisory authority and/or other institutions or companies, including, but not limited to, credit reporting companies, case investigation companies, and any other information companies appointed by the company later, and this authorization is considered a continuing authorization Until I agree to issue the required credit card or pay all my obligations or the obligations of the related parties towards the company - whichever happens later - and I waive all my rights to banking secrecy and/or to the privacy or confidentiality of information, without any responsibility on the company or any of its employees.
The customer has the right to review his credit information, correct any error in it, and object to it with the concerned companies or banks.
I declare, under penalty of perjury, that all the above information is true and true and on my full responsibility, and that I abide by all the conditions
and terms of the request.