Issuer Added Value Services

  • Tokenization: Because the world is becoming more digital, in 2019, CSC launched tokenization – the latest pay-by-phone method. This enabled a futuristic digital transformation, using NFC technology to encrypt the original card number onto the mobile phone. Through this technology, cardless transactions can take place, as the application functions as a payment card on any POS equipped with NFC technology. This way, your mobile phone becomes your card.
  • Prepaid cards: The CSC prepaid card is a rechargeable card, which combines the advantages of controlling your expenses with the benefits of holding an international card. It is ideal for both corporate and individual use. For individuals, the card can serve as an allowance card for children, an online shopping card, a travel expenses card and as a gift card. It also gives business owners the ability to take control of their companies’ spending and the possibility of transferring employee salaries without bank mediation. The individual business prepaid cards are all connected to one shared account with intuitive integrated apps.
  • Web service solutions: CSC Jordan offers comprehensive APIs that facilitate connecting to a payment portal by offering you our products wherever you are. These APIs facilitate your management of the different payment services anytime, anywhere.
  • Instant issuance: CSC offers instant issuance of magnetic stripe and EMV cards that you can use to build stronger relationships and offer exceptional customer service.
  • Fraud monitoring: CSC’s fraud monitoring system allows banks to set timely and specific rules and regulations that reduce risk and capture fraud attempts. Through this system, banks can refuse or issue warnings against any potential fraudulent activity that violate pre-set rules and regulations. This system protects cardholders from falling victim to fraud.
  • 3D Secure: CSC products are equipped with 3D Secure, including all rotary and postpaid cards. This way, customers can confidently use the card and online fraud is reduced.