Merchant Added Value Services

  • Merchant Facilities: CSC offers a wide range of solutions to maintain business growth such as overdraft loans with flexible repayment schedules and revolving credit ceilings.
  • Call center services: Available 24/7 to answer our clients questions and provide information or technical support.
  • E-Portal: CSC offers a flexible and quick way to view statements, transaction details through all CSC POS and e-portals. This service is available around the clock and can be downloaded.
  • eFAWATEERcom Payments: CSC has partnered with Jordan’s national bill payment platform to facilitate collection of a wide range of electronic payments made with any card type through our POS devices.
  • CSC Digital Gate: CSC offers merchants the highest quality electronic payment services such as e-commerce, call center, interactive voice response and self-service machines.
  • Electronic cash register (ECR): this service is designed to facilitate transaction processes, saving time and reducing human error. This is done by connecting an ECR to POS devices securely and effectively.
  • Dynamic current conversion (DCC): this service offers merchants the opportunity to sell to customers who are using foreign cards and/or currencies, yet receive the paid amount in the local currency.
  • Remote POS management (RPM): to ensure CSC clients receive the best services, an RPM program has been added to maintain communication between CSC and its clients, allowing us to respond to all your needs regarding POS devices, as well as to offer support and solutions easily and professionally when needed and without needing a field visit.